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We are specialists in helping families navigate separation, family issues and divorce.

Family Solutions is a team of highly experienced family professionals from various backgrounds dedicated to helping couples and families find ways of moving forward with their lives after a separation. We provide constructive, practical, legal and emotional support, to enable our clients achieve the best outcome for them.

Separation, divorce and family breakdown is tough. You might be trying to make practical arrangements when your emotional brain is all over the place. We offer extra support to get you prepared for the challenges ahead.

We have specialists on hand to help anyone or everyone involved. You might need support in coming to terms with a break up, help managing your meetings or communicating more effectively. We can offer support to couples, individuals and children, and also provide help with parenting after separation.

How it Works

Even in happy times, relationships aren’t always easy to navigate.  They are complex and consist of mutual dealings, connections, and differing feelings between two or more people. 

That is why it’s so important for us to recognise that family breakdown can be really hard, and overwhelming, because your relationships are changing. We’ll listen to what you need and will help you move towards a more calm and centred way of thinking and communicating, so that you can work through the emotional, practical and legal arrangements. Kimberley is a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist and family consultant. She works in a variety of ways, as a family or as individuals, alongside all of our solutions.  Kimberley helps navigate the practical and emotional side of separation and co-parenting.

The aim is to give you the space and time to process whatever may be troubling you, so that you are in the best place possible to work together.  Relationship breakdown can lead to barriers in communicating – you might need support to help you deal with the emotions so that you can communicate better with your co-parent. Or you might need more coaching-like help, so that you are able to speak effectively in meetings. 

We’re available to support you from the outset, perhaps even before separation has started;  separation or divorce is about much more than the law and formalities.

We offer an initial conversation with one of our in house team to consider which of their services might work best for you. Our support can be provided in person, or online.


In lots of cases, mediation is a great way of working together to reshape a ‘different’ future, organising finances or working out arrangements for children.  It isn’t unusual for participants to have worries about coming, or how it might work when they are feeling upset or sad, and with the right support, it’s possible to have a constructive and positive outcome.  Kimberly works alongside the mediation process, and can attend meetings if needed.

Co-parenting Support

Parenting is a hard job and there is no manual, and it can be even harder when you no longer live together or have different styles. We offer support to help you navigate future sticking points, by looking at communication patterns and how they could be improved.

Co-parenting support can work alongside of, or after other approaches have finished, or it can be a stand alone service.

Preparing for Marriage or Living Together

Kimberley also supports couples preparing for marriage or living together. This might help with making sure expectations or worries are dealt with positively from the start.  Or it might be working alongside our legal and mediation team with pre-marriage, post-marriage agreements or living together agreements.


Separation and family change can sometimes mean taking on a different role within the family, one that you may not have been used to.  Your future may look different and you might have practical things to organise, such as completing forms and navigating the timetable of the legal process. Coaching can provide you with information, empower you to take control of your future, and equip you with the skills you need to get to the end.

Counselling and Family Based Support

Sometimes we need extra help in coming to terms with the far reaching effects of family change.  It’s hard to make decisions, or imagine the future, when you are in emotional turmoil.  As well as working with adults, we offer counselling for children who are going through change in their family.  They can come on their own, or with siblings.

Sometimes, the whole family needs help working together, rebuilding bonds and getting used to new arrangements.  This is where family based work might help – we will work with the needs of your family.  This may mean you have meetings where you are all together.  Whatever you need, we can accommodate.


Once you have had your initial conversation with one of our team, or once you have had your first joint meeting, you may then each have an exploratory chat with Kimberley. If you are starting mediation with us, the fee for that is included in that first joint session fee.

After that, in mediation we charge an hourly rate for Kimberley to work with you either as individuals or as a couple. Sadly legal aid doesn’t cover any therapeutic work, unless it has been ordered by the Court.  We offer reduced fees for legally aided clients.  Family Consultancy is not covered by the Voucher Scheme.

We are currently developing a Parenting After Separation programme, more details will follow soon.

For all of our other solutions, we charge £90 per person for an individual consultation, and then work with you to understand what support you would like. Together we then create a fee package with you.

For details of the fees for counselling, read more here

Professionally Accredited & Affiliated

Our team comprises solicitors, mediators, arbitrators and more; we are recognised and accredited specialists in family law and non-court resolution. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 473624), and subject to various rules for the professional bodies that we belong to. Click on the links for more information.

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