Collaborative law is an innovative and much less confrontational way of making plans; you have a highly trained lawyer, and only work together in meetings.

You get the benefit of having immediate support and advice, and you sign an agreement at the start (a Participation Agreement) which commits you all to working together and avoiding court. 

How it Works

Some families might be able to make their own decisions, together or in mediation. Some might need more urgent help, for example, where there are safety issues. But for other separating families, having some legal input might sometimes be helpful. Where there is no risk, parents must be supported to resolve issues in a child-focused way themselves. When lawyers are involved, it is best if they work together not against each other. Working side by side and offering specific legal help, mediation and counselling is the best for our clients.

As a group of like minded and specially trained lawyers, many of whom are also family mediators, collaborative practitioners work together to achieve an outcome that works for you all. We work hard to develop trusted relationships with each other so that we can work well for you; we have a network of counsellors, family therapists, financial and tax advisors as well as other mediators – we’ll always point you in the right direction so that you end up with a solution that helps you maintain a cooperative parenting relationship.

Collaborative work is different to traditional solicitor led negotiations.  We don’t write lots of letters or ramp up the volume. We only meet face to face, together with you, and we are respectful. As an incentive to get things done in a respectful and cost effective way, you sign an agreement not to instruct us to act for you if you are not successful. 

You can also involve the children; we will bring in specially trained mediators to ascertain the hopes and aspirations of your children, so that you can take that into account to make the best decisions possible.


We apply an hourly rate when we act for you as a solicitor.  The hourly rate for our solicitors and legal executives is £250 plus VAT (£300) and the rate for our Directors is £275 plus VAT (£330).

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