Family Solutions works on behalf of individuals or both of you; we can also help you turn your plans into more formal agreements. 

Not everyone will need professional help and lots of families will be able to organise arrangements well. When you have made arrangements, you might need help in implementing them and in this case, you can choose to have a solicitor help one or both of you.

How it Works

Lots of families and couples are able to find lasting solutions without ever needing professional intervention or advice.  Many people do this around their kitchen table, face to face, or in a neutral environment.  If it is appropriate and safe, then we encourage this as it can result in long lasting agreements and better relationships.

Sometimes the decisions that you have reached might need to be converted into a legally binding document, for example, if you are divorcing and need to share equity in your house or your pensions.  Many of our team members are specialist family solicitors who can help you prepare the paperwork and documents you need, on an ad hoc basis.  By involving us earlier, we will be able to help you ‘reality check’ your proposals.  It might even be possible for us to act as the solicitor for both of  you, and for more information on this, see the Separate Together option.

The main disadvantage of this route, is that if you leave this until the end, usually a solicitor can only act for one person, and they have a duty to act in that person’s best interests.  This could mean that they give advice that leads to decisions being unravelled – we will always try and avoid this, unless it is technically or legally impossible to implement.   You can sign a disclaimer waiving your right to take legal advice and simply instruct us to implement the decisions that you have made together.


We apply an hourly rate when we act for you as a solicitor.  The hourly rate for our solicitors and legal executives is £250 plus VAT (£300) and the rate for our Directors is £275 plus VAT (£330).

Acting for you both as your solicitor should be a much more cost-effective way of having a lasting solution.  When we act for you both, our hourly rate is £300 (plus VAT) for our solicitor and legal executives, and £325 (plus VAT) for Directors.   It’s slightly higher as we will need to correspond with both of you, but we aim to make it much cheaper for you than having two lawyers.   

We also have some packages for our Separate Together option.

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