Family Solutions is one of the first firms to work with both of you as a solicitor. Suitable for those who already know what they would like to achieve, and have a firm commitment to working together, it’s possible to instruct one solicitor to help both of you. 

We follow Resolution’s model, so that you know you are getting help from lawyers who understand the law, the dynamics of working with more than one client, and who have the skills to help you navigate and explain the practicalities of implementing your proposals.

How it Works

Separate Together is a joint way of working that allows lawyers and solicitors to work with a separating couple.  It can include giving joint advice and preparing legal documents to implement areas of agreement, and is especially suitable if you have children and wish to manage your separation together, to achieve a joint outcome.

It will be suitable for you if you are committed to working together, and are willing to consent to full financial disclosure.  The foundation stone of this process is that we will NOT be acting for either of you individually and we will NOT represent either of you in court (other than to help you file agreed paperwork).  It isn’t suitable for cases which has an element of safeguarding concern, very complicated financial arrangements, international cases or in public law cases.

Your lawyer will work with you to understand what you both wish to achieve, and if necessary will involve a mediator to help you negotiate the precise terms of your settlement.  Although Separate Together is similar to mediation, your lawyer can’t help you broker the terms themselves.  We can also help you involve other professionals such as accountants, tax advisors etc so that you end up with a lasting and well crafted solution.

All communication will be confidential between you and the lawyer, so that you can talk with confidence.  That confidentiality will be lifted at the end of the process to allow the lawyer to draft the paperwork.  It runs well alongside the new ‘no-fault’ divorce system.  

Separate Together will work well if:-

  • You both want a similar outcome
  • You feel comfortable working with each other, and you have moved past high emotions
  • You are both willing to be honest and transparent, and to disclose all of your financial paperwork (in a financial case)
  • There are no safeguarding concerns about a child or a vulnerable adult
  • There is no suggestion of abuse or controlling behaviour, and you are both able to speak freely
  • Your case doesn’t include very complicated technical issues
  • You can deal with disagreements and are able to consider the views of others.


Family Solutions has a team of lawyers who have years of experience dealing with complex family law issues.  Our family team are all members of Resolution, and are committed to finding a better way to resolve family matters.

If you need a mediator as part of the Separate Together team, please click here to find out more about Mediation.

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