Reading List


The Bad Tempered Ladybird      

The Very Busy Spider    

Eric Carle, Hamish Hamilton        

Very common in playgroups and nurseries, age 2+

Where the Wild Things are

Maurice Sendak, Picture Puffin, age 5+

Helps to explore fantasy, dreams and tantrums.

The Silly Book

The Hairy Book                                

The Smelly Book             

Babette Cole, Jonathan Cape, ages 3+                    

Peace at Last                                                     

5 minutes peace                                             

Jill Murphy, MacMillan Walker, ages 3+

About Mr Bear and Mrs Large

The Jolly Postman

Jill Murphy, MacMillan Walker, ages 3+

By the authors of Peepo

Dr Xargle’s book of Earthlets, Earthhands, Earthmobiles, Earth Tiggers                                 

Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross, Andersen Press, ages 5+

Our world, as viewed by aliens

Angry Arthur                                                     

Kitamura, Andersen, ages 5+

Good for dealing with anger issues


John Burningham             Picture Puffin                   

Introduces mortality

My Mum is fantastic, My Dad is Brilliant, My Grandma is wonderful, My Grandpa is Amazing

(Series of 4 books)

Nick Butterworth, Walker, ages 3+

The Great Big Book of Families

Mary Hoffman, Ros Asquith, ages 3+

Explores different types of families

The Invisible String, The Invisible String Workbook, The Invisible Web

Patrice Karst, Ages 4-8

My Family’s Changing

Pat Thomas & Leslie Harker, ages 5+

Dinosaurs Divorce

Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

Collins 1987 Age 5-8

Two Homes

Claire Mazurel, Walker Books  3+

Two of Everything

Babette Cole,  Red Fox  4+

Living with Mum, and Living with Dad

Melanie Walsh, ages 3-5

Rainy Day

Emma Haughton, Doubleday   4+

Its not your fault, Koko Bear

Vicki Lansky, Book Peddlars  4+

You make your parents super happy, a book about parents separating

Richie Chandler

Was it the Chocolate Pudding? A story for little kids about divorce.

Sandra Levins,  Magination Press (American Psych. Association)  4+

I don’t want to talk about it

Jeanie Franz Ranson, ages 4-8

When Mom and Dad separate

Marge Heegaard, ages 8-12

The Monster Bed

Jeanne Willis & Susan Varley, Andersen Press, ages  5+

When my parents forgot how to be friends

Daddy’s Getting Married

Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, ages 5+

The Huge Bag of Worries

Virginia Ironside, age 3+

What to do when you worry too much

A child’s guide to overcoming anxiety

Dawn Heubner and Bonnie Matthews, ages 6+

Rescuing Dad

Pete Johnson, Corgi  7+

Where has Daddy Gone?

Trudy Osman and Joanna Carey

Heinemann 1990, ages 5-8

What in the world do you do when your parents divorce? A Survival guide for kids

Kent Winchester and Roberta Beyer

Divorce Survival Guide for Kids

Samantha Smith

Dealing with my parents divorce

Jane Lacey & Venitia Dean, age 7+

Madam Doubtfire

Anne Fine

Penguin Books 1987: 9 +

Step by wicked step

Anne Fine

Puffin Books 1984 8+

It’s Not the End of the World

Judy Blume

Pan Piper 1972: 10-13

Starring Sally J Freedman as Herself

Judy Blume, Piccolo,  9+

The Divorce Express

Paula Danziger

Pan Piper 1987 Age: 10-13

My Wicked Stepmother

Norman Leach and Jane Brown

Julie MacRae Books 1992 Age: 5-8

Let’s Talk About Stepfamilies

Angela Grunsell

Aladdin Books 1990 (Factual): 7 +

It’s an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World

Paul Danziger

Pan Piper 1988: 10-13

The Cybil War

Betsy Byars, Puffin  9+

Goggle Eyes

Anne Fine, Puffin  9+

Ginny Morris and Dad’s New Girlfriend

Mary Gallagher, Magination Press   9+

Thin Ice

Marc Talbert, Hamish Hamilton  10-12+

The Lying Tree

Alexa Tewkesbury & Steve Legg,  Canaan Press  10-12+

Clean Break

Jacqueline Wilson, Corgi  10-12+

A Heart with Two Homes

Monica Epperson, Xlibris   12+

Passion Flower

Jean Ure, Collins  12+

You win some, you lose some

Julia Clarke, OUP Oxford   Teens

Other People’s Children

Joanna Trollope, Black Swans Teens (and parents)

OUT OF PRINT BOOKS (possibly available in libraries)

Dad’s Back

Jan Ormerod, Walker, Picture Book

I have two homes

Althea, Dinosaur   3+

The Amazing Hide & Seek Alphabet/Number

Robert Crowther,  Viking  3+

The Visit

Dee Shulman, Bodley Head  3+

Are we nearly there

Louise Baum, Bodley Head  3+

The Not So Wicked Stepmother

Litzi Boyd, Puffin  5+

My Dad

Philippe Dupasquier, Mammoth  5+

The Twig Family

Jan Mark,  Viking/Puffin  5-6+

Breadcrumbs and Clay

Don Taylor,  Hamish Hamilton,  6+


Aliki, Picture Piper  7+

Mum, will Dad ever come back?

Paula Hogan, Backwell Raintree  7+

The Visitors who came to Stay

Annalena McAfee & Anthony Browne, Hamish Hamilton   7+

But you promised

Bel Mooney, Mammoth   7+

Family Saturday

Marjorie Newman, Hamish Hamilton 7+

The Animal, the Vegetable and John D Jones

Betsy Byars, Press  10+


Tessa Duder,  Puffin  10+

Come back soon

Judy Gardiner, Puffin  10+

Rob’s Place

John R Townsend, Puffin  10+

Marmalade, Jet & the Finnies

Edel Wignell,  Hamish Hamilton u12’s

Who is Frances Rain?

Margaret Buffie, Viking/Puffin  12+

Tina into two won’t go

Elfie Donnelly, Andersen  12+

Its my Life

Robert Leeson,  Collins  12+

When Parents’ split up

Ann Mitchell, Chambers Teen  12+


Parent problems! Children’s views on life when parents split up by Bren Neal and Amanda Wade published by Young Voice 2000. 

Available online from Amazon and Blackwells stores although some only offering second hand copies.  Cost £7 – £10 The second volume Parent Problems 2 seems to be unavailable currently.  Recommended as direct quotations from children who have experienced separation about what does and doesn’t work and how they feel about how their parents behave.


What most children say – Kent Family Mediation 6 Park Rd Sittingbourne Kent or tel 01795 429689.

This is a pocket guide for separating parents, summarizing the research on childrens views.  Very cheap 50p approx and thoroughly recommended if it’s the only thing you read.  Many solicitors keep a stock.

The Silent Guide / The Chimp Paradox

Prof Steve Peters

The Book you wish your parents had read

Phillipa Perry

Don’t alienate the kids, a guide to raising resilient kids and avoiding high conflict divorce

Bill Eddy

Untying the Knot – how to consciously uncouple in the real world

Kate Gunn

The Truth about Children and Divorce: Dealing with the Emotions so you and your children can thrive

Robert P Emery Ph.D

Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for your child

Isolina Ricci Ph.D

101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children

Rebecca Garland and Bob Grieg

Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents can Raise Happy and Secure Kids

Christina McGee

The Which? Guide to Divorce

Helen Garlick

Consumer Association/Hodder 1992

How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk

Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish, Piccadilly Press

CAMHS anxiety management workbook

Available from their website

Overcoming Your Childs Fears and Worries

Cathy Cresswell

Putting Children First: a Handbook for separated parents

Karen and Nick Woodall, Piatkus Books

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Edward Teyber, Jossey Brass 2001

Coping with Separation and Divorce

Ann Mitchell

Chambers 1986

Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss

Claudia Jewett

Batsford 1982

When children grieve, for parents to help children cope with loss and divorce

John W James & Russell Freedman

BIFF for coparenting communication

Your guide to difficult emails and texts and social media posts

Bill Eddy

Its all your fault, 12 tips for managing people who blame others for everything

Bill Eddy

To and Fro Children: 

A Guide to Successful Parenting after Divorce

Jill Burrett

Thomsons 1993

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