A virtual tour of our offices …….. what’s the fuss all about?

It’s not until you face a new challenge that you realise what it must be like to seek help from a team like ours.  Recently I had to deliver a talk to an unfamiliar audience and I was utterly out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know where the venue was, what it would look like inside, what the lighting and tech would be like or who I would be presenting with (usually I work with co-presenters I’ve known for years).  I looked online, but couldn’t find what I wanted.  It left me feeling overwhelmed and underprepared.

My experience made me think about how it feels for people who might have been going through a difficult breakup, who are already feeling anxious or vulnerable.  What if they were disabled and didn’t know whether we’d have access for their wheelchair? Or those who need to know that they will be safe with us?

We worked with FutureWorld 3D, who helped us to consider things from a different viewpoint. The virtual tour that Neil produced enables our clients to see exactly what our office looks like, where the reception area is, how bright the rooms are or how wide the doors are.  We encourage clients to look at the video, and then come back to us if they need any adjustments to be made.  If we can make it happen, then we will.

Working with people who have or are suffering with trauma, means that we can now walk them through how an appointment might work.  They can also use the tour with their external support network, to plan visits.

It’s also important for children and young people – the work we do isn’t just with adults.  Parents and caregivers can check out the offices before they bring in their young people, or show them what to expect.

We’re working hard to make sure that we offer an inclusive space.

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